Holy Bird

Holy Bird is a poetic and at the same time surrealistic drama of an aged writer who is leading a life as a hermit in the woods. The only contact he has is with his dead bird. Thinking that he has failed in life, he desperately tries to get new inspiration. Is the bird secretly trying to tell him something? Suddenly a ballet dancer and a photographer are entering the scene to take a photograph. They drive him slowly to the back of his trailer where he falls on his bed. Now it is only waiting for the photo to be shot.


Holy Birds (film productions)

© Stefan Mohn

Holy Birds is a Berlin based film-production company of writer and director Marc Wagenaar.
The first film this company presents is ‘Holy Bird’, starring Rolf Kanies, and was shot in the woods 50 kilometres from Berlin. The website shows little detailed flying objects which have all been used in the films. The logo is a skeleton of a bird standing in a cross.


Marc Wagenaar

Writer and director Marc Wagenaar is the founder of the film-production company Holy Birds. He received his Bachelor degree in communication, with his strategic communication plan for Record Label ‘PIAS’ and film distributors ‘Twinpics’ and ‘Cineart’. On invitation of the award winning documentary maker Viola Stephan, he moved to Berlin.

In Berlin he completed internships for Tonmeister Adrian Baumeister at the Post Republic and Berlinale Panorama, and has worked on several short-films as Berlina, the flying Ballerina and Knopka. In April 2012 he shot his own written short-film Holy Bird.

He names Charlie Chaplin, Andrej Tarkovsky, Alejandro Jodorowsky, Aleksandr Sokurov, David Lynch, Roman Polanski & Ingmar Bergman to have great influence on his work.

Currently he is working on two new film projects: ‘The Eggman’ and ‘Clowns’. He also works for the film and documentary production company Honolulu tv and can be found behind the bar of the Michelberger Hotel.

Top 25

  1. Charlie Chaplin – The Circus - Imdb
  2. Andrei Tarkovsky – Ivan’s Childhood – Imdb
  3. Jean-Luc Godard – Le mépris – Imdb
  4. Alejandro Jodorowsky – The Holy Mountain – Imdb
  5. Roman Polanski – Cul-de-sac – Imdb
  6. Aleksandr Sokurov – Solntse – Imdb
  7. Federico Fellini – 8½ – Imdb
  8. Henri-Georges Clouzot – Le corbeau – Imdb
  9. Luchino Visconti – Morte a Venezia – Imdb
  10. David Lynch – Lost Highway – Imdb
  11. Béla Tarr – Werckmeister harmóniák – Imdb
  12. Michelangelo Antonioni – Blow Up – Imdb
  13. John Cassavetes – A Woman Under the Influence – Imdb
  14. Ingmar Bergman – Persona – Imdb
  15. Leos Carax – Boy Meets Girl – Imdb
  16. Roy Andersson – Sånger från andra våningen – Imdb
  17. Krzysztof Kieslowski – Trois couleurs: Rouge – Imdb
  18. Jean-Pierre Melville – Le samouraï – Imdb
  19. Thomas Vinterberg – Festen – Imdb
  20. Alfred Hitchcock – Rear Window – Imdb
  21. James Ivory – The Remains of the Day – Imdb
  22. Robert Bresson – L’argent – Imdb
  23. Andrei Tarkovsky – Offret – Imdb
  24. Stanley Kubrick – A Clockwork Orange – Imdb
  25. Robin Hardy – The Wicker Man – Imdb


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